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“React 18: Design Patterns and Best Practices” [BOOK REVIEW]

There are a lot of resources on React on the Internet, but when it comes to the best practices and design patterns you can feel some kind of information overload. That’s where a book by Carlos Santana Roldan comes in - you won't need to look further, you have everything in one place.

Setting up a basic Next.js app locally [Building Personal Blog Website Part 2]

This Next.js app will consume content provided by the CMS and present it on a webpage. In this part of the series basic homepage with a list of blog posts will be created and set up locally.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress - key takeaways

WeAreDevelopers World Congress is one of the biggest IT events in Europe. This year I got to be one of the participants. Two days packed with talks on wide range of topics in IT.

How to create accessible buttons in HTML

Accessibility was always important, but lately it gained even more traction and if you don’t know how to create accessible websites, you can’t really call yourself a good frontend developer. Today we’ll look at one of the most basic elements of any website - a button. How to make it accessible?

SEO handling in Strapi [Building Personal Blog Website Part 7]

In this guide you’ll use the SEO plugin for Strapi and consume the SEO data in your Next.js app via GraphQL.

Search functionality [Building Personal Blog Website Part 6]

Now you’ll use the experience from displaying list of posts for specific tag to create a Search component. User will be able to search for any query and should get a list of posts that fulfill the query.

Displaying all posts for specific Tag [Building Personal Blog Website Part 5]

The blog post preview cards on your homepage display not only the cover, title and excerpt, but also a list of tags. It would be great if user could click on any of the tags and then see all blog posts connected to it.

Deploying Next.js app on Netlify [Building Personal Blog Website Part 4]

Now it’s finally time to put your app online! In this article you will publish your Next.js app on Netlify and do some layout changes so the page is displayed correctly across devices.

Basic Next.js app - blog post page [Building Personal Blog Website Part 3]

You can see all your posts already on your homepage as cards. But now let’s go a step further - create a subpage for every post.

Hosting free Strapi CMS on Railway [Building Personal Blog Website Part 1]

Whether you want to create a simple blog or a portfolio website it is always a good idea to use a good CMS behind. Of course try to write your own CMS, but let's be frank - in most cases the best way is to use an existing one.

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